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3D hubs

frame approach eco 3dThe introduction and use of new technology must apply an environmental approach .
To this end, TridyMaker focuses on the use of filaments " PLA, less polluting than ABS for example.
Poly (lactic acid) ( PLA)
The compostable PLA is a thermoplastic polyester derived from lactic acid . In the manufacturing process , is firstly extracted from the starch , typically corn . The treatment of the starch hydrolysis product of sugars ( glucose , dextrose ... ) which are further processed by fermentation to convert them into lactic acid . The polymerization process is then carried out by polycondensation of lactic acid or more usually by opening the lactide ring . This material is fully biodegradable .
A system of waste collection and manufacture of parts "failed " will be developed or used on the website , and shipments of new machines include envelopes franked collection .
This waste will be reprocessed by a had- hoc machine Antibes store.